Regular visits ensure your child stays healthy 


Regular well child visits from infancy through age 21 are the most important aspect of pediatric care here at North Metro Pediatrics.


At each well child visit, our Nurse Practitioners and nursing staff spend about forty minutes with you and your child assessing multiple aspects of your child’s well-being, for example:

  • Physical growth parameters like weight and height to make sure your child is growing as expected.

  • Vision and hearing status.

  • Development milestones like when your child started walking, hopping on one foot, and drawing squares or straight lines.

For older children, we consider school progress and participation in school, after school, and community activities. In addition, at each well child visit, we look closely at the emotional and psychosocial development of your child so we can identify and address risks or concerns early.

A head-to-toe physical exam helps make sure that no important problems are missed and that your child is growing and developing as expected. Depending on your child’s needs, we will conduct blood tests that check for problems like anemia, lead poisoning, or high cholesterol levels.


Your Nurse Practitioner will assess your child’s nutritional status and physical activity level, provide routine immunizations to prevent future disease, offer age-appropriate parenting tips, and discuss safety measures like booster seats and bike helmets.


Your child can even look forward to getting a new book and a toothbrush at every well-child visit!


At North Metro Pediatrics, we take the time to find out what concerns you have about your child and parenting and then work with you to answer questions and provide the needed care. We are experts at helping you and your family make connections with resources in the community and the schools that help keep your child healthy. 


North Metro Pediatrics follows the recommendations for comprehensive well child care that has been established by the American Academy of Pediatrics.Because every child and family is unique, we may suggest more frequent visits to ensure your child stays as healthy as possible. 

Child and Teen Checkups

If you or your child are under the age of 21 and qualify for Medical Assistance, you are eligible for the Child and Teen Checkup program at no cost to you.  Many other forms of insurance cover these visits as well.

  • These checkups are important to your child’s health

  • They can help find and treat health problems before any lasting harm is done.

  • These checkups will help your child grow to his or her full healthy potential.

Checkups are recommended at these ages:


If you don’t have health insurance or it doesn’t cover checkups, please contact us to discuss other affordable options. You may also qualify for Medical Assistance and we can assist you in obtaining coverage.

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